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Case Study: – Empowering Success for BEST Through Enhanced Sales Strategies


This case study outlines our transformational journey with BEST, a reputable provider of SAP add-on modules. We helped BEST refine its sales processes, improve lead generation capabilities, train Account Executives, refine discovery calls, simplify proposals, employ advanced negotiation techniques, and significantly improve sales processes.

Client Overview

BEST is an industry-leading provider of SAP add-on modules and offers large organisations solutions to automate various accounting processes inside SAP. BEST helps to significantly reduce manual, error-prone, and time-consuming reconciliations, resulting in substantial time and resource savings for their clients.

The Challenge

Despite boasting a powerful product suite, a formidable market reputation, and a solid lead generation system, BEST had challenges in its sales process that hindered their capacity to fully exploit revenue potential.

Our primary objective was to scrutinise BEST’s existing sales procedures, suggesting and executing strategies for improvement. The sales tactics employed by the Account Managers and technical sales personnel, particularly their approach towards new leads, stood as the central focus of our engagement.

We identified inconsistencies, a lack of structure in the sales team’s discovery calls, and a need for refinement in their proposals as critical areas requiring attention. Consequently, our assignment revolved around diagnosing these issues and formulating a comprehensive solution to stimulate an upswing in sales.

Our Approach

Our strategy started with a deep dive into BEST’s current sales methodology. We assessed their sales funnel, focusing on the three key areas identified for improvement: discovery calls, proposal structure, and overall process refinement.

Enhancing Discovery Calls: We listened to how discovery calls were handled. We noted areas where the team was doing well and provided recommendations and training on techniques to improve the quality of discovery calls. This focused on understanding customer needs, active listening, effective questioning, and identifying key decision-makers.

Refining Proposals: We worked with BEST to enhance their proposal structure. This included clarifying the value proposition, presenting solutions to customer pain points, and shortening and restructuring proposals. This allowed prospects to better digest and understand what was proposed, and clearly articulate the benefits of the SAP add-on modules.

Process Refinement: We introduced more rigorous sales process management, including better qualification/disqualification of leads, structured follow-ups, and better utilisation of CRM systems for improved tracking and analytics.


The results of our partnership with BEST were both immediate and significant. The enhancements to the discovery calls resulted in better identification of client needs, enabling BEST to position products more effectively. With a more persuasive proposal structure in place, BEST was able to demonstrate clear value to potential customers, shorten lead times and increase sales.

Moreover, the improved sales process meant the BEST sales team could manage their sales funnel more efficiently, leading to better resource allocation and increased effectiveness and efficiency.


This case study is a testament to the power of effective sales process management. We significantly enhanced BEST’s sales performance by improving discovery calls, refining proposal structures and overall sales process management. Our journey with BEST illustrates our commitment to empowering businesses to achieve their sales goals through tailored Lead Generation, Account Management, and Leadership consultation.

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