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Eiffel Corp

Case Study: How Sales Cadence Boosted a Leading EdTech Company’s Leads by 280%


This case study documents the journey of Eiffel Corp, a leading EdTech company that saw remarkable growth in its leads, thanks to the systematic and strategic approach we undertook. The company’s new leads leapt from six to twenty meetings in less than two months, marking a 280% increase from previous months.

Client Overview

Eiffel Corp is a leading player in the EdTech industry in Africa and partners with academic institutions to enable greater access to a meaningful education. Before our engagement, Eiffel Corp hadn’t yet taken an outbound approach focusing on proactive emails and mainly relied on traditional marketing channels and word of mouth to generate leads.

The Challenge

How to quickly generate more leads with a limited marketing budget. Within a few short weeks, we had to plan, strategise and execute a lead generation plan to increase lead generation.

Our Approach

We did a mini audit of the company’s existing marketing and sales strategies, analysing their campaigns, marketing and sales collateral, target audience, and how they were received in the market.

We refined our targeting techniques, messaging, and engagement strategies from the mini-audit. We refined the target audience to focus on educational institutions’ decision-makers and middle and senior managers.

We formulated the messaging to communicate the unique value proposition of their product suite. This involved using direct and impactful language to spark curiosity and highlight the tangible benefits of Eiffel Corp’s products and services.


Within the first two months, we generated an average of twenty new leads. The targeted approach and short, personalised and impactful emails resulted in meaningful engagement, more interest and more meetings. This significant improvement in lead generation has provided the company with the momentum needed to expand its market presence and drive future growth.


This case study demonstrates how a systematic and strategic approach to proactive (cold) emailing can overcome lead generation challenges and stimulate significant growth. By clearly defining the target audience and creating messaging that resonates, we were able to drive a 300% increase in monthly new meetings. This success underscores the power of a well-planned, hyper-personalised and targeted email campaign.

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