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Case Study: Increasing leads by 450% for a LegalTech Firm Through Cold Emailing.


This case study outlines our work with a rising LegalTech firm to significantly boost their lead generation. Within two months, we managed to elevate our client’s new monthly leads from four to twenty two– a remarkable 450% increase.

Client Overview

Our client (who chose to remain anonymous) is a growing LegalTech company that offers advanced, user-friendly solutions to streamline legal document creation and digital signatures. They are taking on well-established, international players in the market.

The Challenge

With only four new monthly meetings, our client’s lead generation was significantly below their potential. This deficiency in business prospects impeded their growth and limited their industry footprint. Having tried various routes, including hiring outsourced BDMs and agencies, they only generated four new monthly meetings.

Our Approach

We started the project by conducting an in-depth analysis of the company’s ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) marketing & sales collateral, existing processes, and go-to-market strategy.

Identifying the Right Prospects: Through detailed market research, we honed in on key industry decision-makers who would most benefit from our client’s solutions.

Crafting Compelling Content: We designed proactive emails to communicate the unique value proposition of our client’s solutions. This involved creating tailored emails that addressed potential clients’ pain points and showcased how our client’s solutions could help.

Optimising Email Frequency and Timing: We strategised and executed the perfect frequency and timing of emails, sending them at optimal days and times when they were most likely to be opened and read.

A/B Testing: We regularly conducted A/B testing to measure the effectiveness of different email variants, which helped fine-tune our approach over time.


Our strategic approach resulted in immediate improvements in lead generation. The newly identified prospects, personalised approach and well-crafted email campaigns led to a nearly five-fold increase in engagement and leads generated. By optimising the email frequency, timing and messages, we reached our audience when they were most responsive.

The A/B testing provided invaluable insights that allowed us to continually refine our approach, increasing engagement rates.

By the end of the third month, the number of new monthly meetings had risen to fifteen per month. By the end of month six, the number had soared to twenty two, an astounding 450% increase from the original four.


This case study demonstrates the transformative power of a strategically designed and executed cold emailing campaign. By identifying the right prospects, crafting compelling content, optimising email frequency and timing, and using A/B testing to refine our strategy, we increased our client’s monthly meetings from four to twenty two – a staggering 450% increase. This success story embodies our commitment to providing our clients with the tools and strategies necessary to thrive in their respective markets.

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