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LinkedIn Social Selling

LinkedIn is the go-to platform for business professionals

Your competitors are on LinkedIn. Are you?

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Let Sales Cadence help you to:

Grow Your Online Presence Engage With Your AudienceGenerate Leads and Sales
47 Bubble Chat 1

Let Sales Cadence help you to:

Grow Your Online Presence Engage With Your AudienceGenerate Leads and Sales
About Sales Cadence

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It only makes sense to engage with your target market where they are. However, most busy executives don’t have the time to commit to social selling.

That’s where Sales Cadence comes in. Let us tell your story, grow your network, and generate business on LinkedIn.

Our Process

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Your ICP and Brand

We study your Ideal Customer Profile and how you want to be perceived
Sc Linkedin Social Selling Ivons Goals

Strategic Thinking and Design

Goals for your Personal Brand, Professional Brand, and your desired influence
Sc Linkedin Social Selling Ivons Network

Building Relationships

We connect with your audience and create captivating content, steadily building your network
Sc Linkedin Social Selling Ivons Personal Connection


Once a personal connection is created, the next step is to turn it into a business relationship

What you get

Profile Optimisation

  • Enhance your profile to make it ‘sales-ready’
  • Ensure your Personal Page and business page are set up for success
  • Every aspect is covered, including the correct wording, links, images, videos, and more

Audience Engagement

  • Engage with your audience on a personal level through posts, surveys, polls, and more
  • Content creation and curation
  • Personalised ‘thanks for connecting messages’, birthday notes, congratulations on promotions, endorse their top skills, and more
  • Turn your personal connections into business relationships

Grow your Personal and Professional Brand

  • 100-120 weekly personalised connection requests to your target audience
  • 250 monthly business page invites
  • Up to seven designed and curated posts per week using LinkedIn best practices
  • Personal messaging and thought-leadership posts to generate sales leads.

Reporting and Analytics

  • Engagement Monitoring
  • Content strategy development
  • Monthly feedback on the prior month’s performance
  • Monthly strategy call to refine what’s working, make adjustments where necessary, and plan for the future.

What to expect

✓ Up to 7 weekly posts
✓ 400-450 monthly connection requests
✓ 25-50% connection acceptance rate
✓ 3-6 sales leads each month
✓ A growing, thriving personal brand

Use our social selling solution to

  • Build your Personal Brand
  • Build your Professional Brand
  • Recruit without all the recruitment costs


Social Selling is a strategy that uses social media to build and nurture relationships with your target audience. We help by optimising your profile and engaging with your audience through content creation and curation.

You can expect to see a growth in connections, engagement, and lead generation almost immediately. As soon as we kick things off, you will see your network grow, your personal brand thrive, and people engage with you.

We begin with a detailed understanding of your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), goals for your Personal and Professional Brand, and the influence you want to have. Your content is then designed and curated based on this understanding, using LinkedIn best practices to create authentic and resonant messaging.

By engaging and connecting directly with your ideal future employees, you don’t have to pay recruiters or expensive platform recruiting fees.

Unlock Your Brand Potential

Unlock Your Brand Potential

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