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Case Study: Pioneering New Frontiers of Growth for Valossa Through Effective Lead Generation.


This case study chronicles our collaboration with Valossa AI, an innovative AI company specialising in automatic video preview creation. We helped Valossa penetrate new markets by crafting resonant messages that effectively engaged prospects.

Client Overview

Valossa is a cutting-edge AI company that uses advanced machine learning to facilitate automatic video preview creation, eliminating the need for manual preview creation. Valossa provides unparalleled video recognition and content intelligence technology to capture new value of growing video volumes.

The Challenge

Valossa’s primary objective was to penetrate untapped markets and establish itself as a leading player in video recognition AI. The challenge lay in understanding these new markets, identifying potential clients, and crafting compelling messages to resonate with prospects for meaningful engagement.

Our Approach

Our strategy focused on a comprehensive understanding of Valossa’s technology and the market it wishes to penetrate, segmentation of potential clients, and compelling message crafting to ensure meaningful communication and engagement.

Market Analysis: We conducted an extensive analysis of video production companies in the USA and Europe, studying the dynamics of video production companies and their unique needs and pain points.

Prospect Segmentation: We segmented potential clients based on our market analysis, identifying those who would benefit from Valossa’s solutions.

Message Crafting: We then crafted compelling, personalised messages that resonated with these prospects. Our messages highlighted how Valossa’s services could address their unique needs and streamline their video production process, adding value to their operations by eliminating manual work.

Outreach Strategy: We developed an effective outreach strategy, leveraging proactive emails to ensure our messages reached the target audience at the right time.


Our approach led to significant engagement and ROI for Valossa. Our campaigns resonated with prospects, increasing engagement and conversations. The outreach strategy ensured that these messages reached the right audience at the right time, further amplifying their impact.

Within the first few months, we saw an uptick in interest from American video production companies. Within six months, Valossa had made substantial inroads into the American and European markets, securing numerous leads and partnerships.


This case study stands testament to the power of understanding a new market and crafting compelling, resonant messages to engage potential clients. Our strategic approach helped Valossa make significant strides in previously untapped markets, demonstrating that any market can be conquered with the right strategy and messaging. This journey underscores our commitment to empowering our clients to achieve their growth and expansion goals, no matter how challenging the market

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